Irene Heigh's website

Irene M. Heigh                                                                                                                                           Phone: 410-664-8958
4206 Pimlico Road                                                                                                                      SS. # Provided during interview
Baltimore, MD 21215                                                                                                                                    Ht. 5’4” Wt. 140lbs.                         

TELEVISION:                                              ACT                                                                           PROGRAM/STATION
The Wire                                                    Asst. Copy Editor                                                       Cable/HBO
The West Wing                                        Back Ground (4x)                                                       Cable/HBO
Kimboo and Kids                                    Teacher                                                                        Washington D.C. channel
Hansen the Spy                                       Back Ground                                                               Baltimore, Local Channel
Wise Words                                             Guest interview & pilot program                              Washington D.C. channel
“City Line”                                                 (guest interview)                                                         Baltimore, Local channel.
“Evening Magazine”                                (guest interview)                                                         Baltimore, Local channel
“To The Point”                                          (guest interview)                                                         Baltimore, Local channel
Public Service Announcement (s)        approximately 4-6 over a twenty year span           Baltimore, Local channel

Commercials:                                                      Commercials (continued)                               Demographic Area       
CarMax (4-6X)                                                        PJC: Tenant Education                                      Baltimore, Maryland
Erickson’s (4-6x)                                                   Road Runner software                                      Virginia
Bill Kidd’s Autos.                                                   Reliable Housing                                               Baltimore, Maryland
100 Winners Lottery (Super Bowl)                                                                              

PLAYS:                                                                   CHARACTER                                                 VENUE                                                                                                                                                     
Wedding Band                                                      Neighbor                                 Community College of Baltimore
The Wedding                                                        Advisor                                     Community College of Baltimore
Simply Heavenly                                                  Zorita                                         Arena Playhouse, Baltimore MD
Take A Giant Step                                                Mother                                       Arena Playhouse, Baltimore MD
Friends                                                                  Custodian                                 Towson State University, MD
Best Friends                                                         Best Friend                              Arena Playhouse, Baltimore MD

FILM and VIDEO:                                                                              ROLE                                                     PRINT WORK:
“Go Program”     NIH  Wash. DC                                                Exercise Student                                   Nat. Inst. Of Health - Exercise Student
Wash. D.C. Nat’l. Transit  (Central Casting)                            Extra                                                        Geriatric Ed. for Emergency Medical Serv.
Tailwind Production DBM Communications                           Recovering Stroke Victim                    USDA “Hands”
“Public Justice Center: Tenant Education”                              Tenant In Need                                     Red Cross “Super Woman”
“Smoking Cessation”                                                                  Patient Smoker                                     2010 Census
“JHU Standardized Patient”                                                        Patient                                                    SCI Int. Nat’l Corp
“JHU Industrials” by Force 3                                                      Nurse
“Assisted Living” LCC#9                                                            Tenant                
“Recovery From A Heart Attack”                                                Grandmother

MOVIES: Background/Extra                              VOICEOVERS:                    INTERACTIVE MEDIA
Kingdom          Transformers                             Blues For Mr. Charlie        (Worldwide Webb)
Meteor Man      The Recruit                                 Johannesburg                    Henninger Media-Stafford Foundation
Eagle Eye         Hanson The Spy                      
Night At The Museum II                                                                                                                                                                           

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